Supply Chain Management at Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd.

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) function for Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. is based out of our head office in Calgary, AB. The SCM group supports the entire business, with a particular focus on supporting the Ekati Diamond Mine based in the Northwest Territories.

With the goal of providing value to the business while managing risk, the SCM Group is responsible for the sourcing of all goods and services, as well as warehousing and logistics as it relates to mining operations.

New and Existing Suppliers

Arctic Canadian is open to engaging potential new suppliers for goods and services, however new suppliers will be subject to a qualification process. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Arctic Canadian, please contact us at

By applying to register in the Supplier Registration System, you make your company’s name and supply capabilities known to Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. All applications are subject to acceptance by Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. in its sole discretion. Acceptance and registration as a qualified supplier does not guarantee that you will be selected to respond to any tendering process, or otherwise selected to provide goods or services to Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. or its affiliated entities. Neither the expenditures of funds or the undertaking of actions in furtherance of a proposed contract with Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. shall be considered partial performance or constitute a binding agreement, nor shall it be the basis for any reliance by you; any binding commitment or obligation will be set forth only within one or more definitive agreements to be negotiated by the parties.

Northern and Indigenous Business

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd., as per our Socio-Economic Agreement (SEA) and our Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) with specific Indigenous Groups, is committed to supporting Northern and Northern Indigenous businesses in areas of northern spend and employment and we expect our business partners and suppliers to do the same. Where applicable, these aspects shall be considered as part of our standard evaluation process.

Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) Program

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. may participate in the Canadian Government’s Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) program and when required, Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. may request spend data from our Suppliers.

General Terms and Conditions