Rory Moore Appointed President & CEO of Arctic Canadian Diamond Company

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company (“Arctic”) announced today that Rory Moore has been appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer effective immediately, following his serving as Interim President through the period of restarting and ramping up operations at the Ekati Diamond Mine.

Dr. Moore’s appointment was unanimously endorsed by the Owners and Board of Directors of Arctic, following the positive progress made with achieving a stable mining operation at Ekati after a period under care and maintenance owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Under the leadership of Rory Moore, Kristal Kaye, Chief Financial Officer and Gary Eyres, General Manager Operations, Arctic has a long and successful future ahead,” said Andrew Petitjean, Brigade Capital’s representative on the Ownership Group. “We have full confidence that Rory and
his team have the required vision, expertise and experience to deliver the long-term strategic goals of the company.”

“I appreciate the confidence the Owners and Board of Directors have placed in me to lead our new company,” said Dr. Moore. “I have a very clear vision for the future and our leadership team is highly motivated to deliver a long and profitable future for Ekati, so that we can continue to provide significant socio-economic opportunities and benefits to the North”.

With over 36 years of international experience in diamond exploration and executive management, Dr. Moore has a wealth of technical and leadership experience, having served as CEO of several TSX-V listed diamond companies, as well as CEO of a specialist diamond consultancy and service provider over the past few decades.

Dr. Moore has a long association with Ekati, having played a role in the initial discovery and evaluation of the kimberlites that confirmed the development of the Ekati Diamond Mine, when he served as Diamond Exploration Manager for BHP. Dr. Moore is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, South Africa where he completed a Ph.D. in Geochemistry in 1986.

About Arctic Canadian

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. is a Canadian mining company and a significant producer and supplier of premium rough diamond assortments to the global market. The company owns and operates the Ekati Diamond Mine. The company also holds a controlling interest in the Lac de Gras Diamond Project. The Ekati Diamond Mine and the Lac de Gras Diamond Project are located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In addition to its mining and exploration operations, Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. has offices in Canada and Belgium.