Overview & Strategy

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. owns a majority interest in the Ekati Diamond Mine, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, a business-friendly environment with a long track record of financial and economic stability.

In addition to the mine assets, the Company enjoys established and productive relationships with local communities and aboriginal organizations. Ekati provides the Company with a steady and reliable supply of rough diamonds that are highly prized in the world’s markets for their size, shape, color and clarity.

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. follows the strategies outlined below to extend and grow its diamond mining business:

Developing resources and exploration

The Ekati Diamond Mine consists of the Core Zone, which includes the current operating mine, as well as the Buffer Zone, an adjacent area which hosts the Jay and Lynx kimberlite pipes. At Ekati, longer term development potential includes Sable Deep, Fox Deep, , Point Lake and Jay.as well as further discovery potential from brownfields exploration efforts.

Lac de Gras Joint Venture

The Company’s Lac de Gras Property is held through a Joint Venture agreement with North Arrow Minerals Inc., where Arctic holds a 72.8% interest and North Arrow the remaining 27.2% interest. The Lac de Gras Property forms a very large, contiguous block and covers an area of approximately 147,200 hectares. The Lac de Gras Property is located within the prolific Lac de Gras diamondiferous kimberlite field in Canada’s Northwest Territories, home to some of the richest diamond deposits in the world.

Glowworm Lake Property

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. owns a parcel of leases, which were released by the Diavik Joint Venture, covering an area of 132,560 hectares located on the eastern side of the Diavik property, as well as 8,272 hectares located in Nunavut which has been designated as the Glowworm Lake Property. These areas have been prospected in the past and will now undergo an in-depth data review to prioritize targets for future follow-up.

Additional sources of rough diamond supply

The Company continues to evaluate additional sources of rough diamonds worldwide and will consider purchases on an opportunistic basis, where pricing and overall market conditions warrant.