Dominion Diamond Mines announces decision to suspend operations at Ekati Diamond Mine in response to coronavirus pandemic

CALGARY, AB – March 19, 2020 – Dominion Diamond Mines ULC (“Dominion”) today announced that it has decided to suspend operations at the Ekati Diamond Mine (“Ekati”) to safeguard its employees and the communities surrounding its operations from threat posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Dominion has long been committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees and to establishing strong, lasting and respectful relationships with the people and communities with whom it works. Although none of Dominion’s employees have tested positive for the Coronavirus to date, this preventative action was determined to be a necessary step given the rapid spread of the virus, the remote location of the Ekati mine’s operations and the high frequency of air travel required for employees and support staff to access mining operations.

As a result of the decision to suspend mining and production activities until the Coronavirus pandemic is under control, a minimal care and maintenance crew will stay on with Dominion to maintain the Ekati mine during this interim period.

There is currently no timeline established for this period of suspended operations. Dominion will provide updates on future developments as they become available.

About Dominion Diamond Mines
Dominion Diamond Mines ULC is a Canadian mining company and one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of premium rough diamond assortments to the global market. The company owns a controlling interest in the Ekati Diamond Mine, which it operates, and owns 40% of the Diavik Diamond Mine. The company also holds a controlling interest in the Lac de Gras Diamond Project. The Ekati and Diavik Diamond Mines, and the Lac de Gras Diamond Project are located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. In addition to its mining and exploration operations, Dominion has offices in Canada, Belgium and India.

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